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The Bank, 99 Palatine Road, Manchester M20 3JQ
5/5 from 6 Reviews
Shafi Solicitors
Stuart Jones
5/5 Stars
I highly recommend Shafi Solicitors and Urfan Mahmood in particular. I was very unfortunate to face false allegations which turned my life into hell for the next half a year. Each day of that was a struggle as this situation never left my mind. I was extremely lucky to come across Urfan Mahmood. He immediately put my mind to ease and outlined the next steps and all relevant procedures. It was absolutely clear from the start that he has an enormous amount of experience in this space which was apparent through the way he dealt with police and advised me. I had a lot of questions and concerns and Urfan would always make time to answer all of them and put my mind to ease. Situations like this can leave you feeling constantly in distress, helpless and anxious. For many lawyers, cases like this is just a day job, and some of them that I talked to before literally couldn't care less about my situation. Urfan was differennt. He genuinely cared about me and my welfare. He took the time to really get to know me and provided support above and beyond of what I could expect. I honestly can't imagine having to deal with this situation without Urfan and the wider wonderful team at Shafi Solicitors. Thankfullly, the case was dropped before progressing any further and I was able to start slowly rebuilding my life. Thank you Urfan!
Michael Fenlon
5/5 Stars
VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Urfan Mahmood and the team at Shafi solicitors are very experienced, professional and easy to talk to. Urfan was always there when I needed him and always put my mind at ease in very worrying times.I was accused of a very serious crime thanks to Urfan the case is now closed with no charges and all my assets have been returned something I thought was impossible.I couldn’t of done this without Shafi solicitors they really do fight your corner
Sally-ann Tibbs
5/5 Stars
I can't describe the huge sence of relief I feel after 14 months of absolute hell. My partner had several very serious false allegations made about him back in March 2018. There were other allegations which had been ongoing for at least 5 years none of which were persued by the police until the latest & most serious one, all made up to deliberately damage him out of pure spite,hatred & jealousy. They had also falsely accused many professionals over the years leading to those professionals losing there jobs and lives aswell. When it happened to us we didn't know where to turn, It felt like our world was caving in, it had a huge affect on my whole family. During these dark days we felt completely helpless, all my electronic devices had been confiscated by the police so I had to borrow a tablet from my brother, It felt like we were going crazy, I had to try to do somthing, I searched & searched the Internet for false allegations, falsely accused etc anything I could think of until I came across a piece on ITVs this morning about a chap that had gone through a similar case of false allegations, at the end of the item it gave out the name of help & support groups for people who had been falsely accused I called them & they kindly put me in touch with Shafi solicitors and Urfan. After speaking with Urfan we instantly felt more at ease, at last someone who understood us and had dealt with other cases of false accusations, he was fantastic and very friendly, a real comfort, he got straight on the case making contact with the investigating officer, the case dragged on and on but Urfan was highly professional & kept chasing up the officer with very frequent letters and giving us regular updates, he took the whole thing out of our hands much to our relief and we knew he was looking after us, that was invaluable at such a dreadful point in our lives. Osman & I can not put into words the gratitude we have to Urfan & Shafi Solicitors , I truly don't belive we would have got through this hell without there support, thanks doesn't seem enough. Its been a horrific 14 months having been falsely accused of a vile made up crime, but knowing we had Urfan & Shafi Solicitors team behind us really did keep us from going under. We really can't thank you enough! Thankfully & eventually no further action was taken but Urfan is still supporting us through the horror that has changed our lives, to know he is still here supporting us is unmeasurable. The accusers are still a danger to us and are still attacking us but Urfan is still advising us and supporting us, we know we're in safe hands. I can't recommend Shafi Solicitors highly enough, if you have the terrible misfortune to find yourself in a similar situation to us, don't go through it alone Shafi & Urfan are just a phone call away and are very keen to help. We can't thank Urfan & Shafi Solicitors enough! Sally & Osman
Sunday Wilson
5/5 Stars
I used shafi solicitors for a personal case and they was very welcoming and did outstanding work for me went above and beyond very much appreciated thank you
Kamran Ghafoor
5/5 Stars
Completely professional and courteous. First time in using the firm and found them to be very helpful and considerate to all our needs. They were effiecent and resolved our issues in a professional and effective manner. They went beyond what is expected from a solicitors firm. I called them out of hours and they were happy to return calls and discuss any queries I had. Specifically Urfan the senior partner. Thank you so much for your help and will be recommending your firm. As a result of the manner in which our matter was dealt with we referred another very serious and complex case to the firm which was dealt with to the same standards
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Shafi Solicitors
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