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The Bank, 99 Palatine Road, Manchester M20 3JQ
5/5 from 5 Reviews
Shafi Solicitors
Thomas Ocallaghan
5/5 Stars
I've never been in trouble with the police before, and an allegation was made against me by a woman at work. I've never dealt with solicitors so I thought it would be quite daunting however, I called them and spoke to Urfan Mahmood. he put my mind at ease straight away. I couldnt thank him enough. They were quick to react, and guided me through the whole process. Lucky for me, there was not enough evidence to charge me, and Urfan was very sympathetic to my situation and was as pleased as I was when I got the right decision. I would definitely recommend them if ever you are unfortunate to be in the same situation. I'm hoping that I will never need to speak to them again, but if anything ever happens in the future, I will call them immediately. Thanks Urfan.
Sheraz Sheikh
5/5 Stars
We have recently used Shafi Solicitors, I cannot state how above and beyond Urfan and the team went with the service provided and the advice given. At no point were we left uninformed as Urfan ensured he dealt with this promptly and precisely. Urfan was very professional, informative and was genuinely concerned with our case. We would highly recommend Shafi Solicitors if you want someone who will keep in contact and inform you of all aspects of the case. Thank you Urfan for your continuous support and hard work.
Ibraheem Abdullah
5/5 Stars
“Found to be very professional, satisfied with the service received from Urfan Mahmood and would certainly use again”
Med An
5/5 Stars
Hello, I am very happy that with the experience and high proffetionaliti of Shafi solicitors my case is dropped. And i would say special thanks to Mr MAHMOUD URFAN whom my case was in hand. MANY THANKS
Safir Khan
5/5 Stars
I have been using Urfan at Shafi Solicitors for many years. I have referred many very serious cases to him some of which have been really difficult and complicated. He has never let me, my friends or my family down. He gets amazing results. He wins impossibly difficult cases. I would recommend the firm but would especially recommend Urfan Mahmood very highly if you are facing a serious or complex criminal case. He is always there for his clients and provides an excellent service and great representation.
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Shafi Solicitors
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Shafi Solicitors
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