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The Bank, 99 Palatine Road, Manchester M20 3JQ
5/5 from 11 Reviews
Shafi Solicitors
Trevor Campbell
5/5 Stars
I’d like to thank Urfan Mahmood for what he has done for me. My only options seemed like jail at the time he told me from the beginning I wouldn’t be going there and did exactly what he said he could. He fought hard and clean for me and got the results he promised where other lawyers said am going to jail. Thanks for what you have done and I would recommend Urfan to any other person needing a lawyer.
Tokunbo Ogunwale
5/5 Stars
Thank you so much for your great work. Very professional solicitors. Fantastic result ! I will never be able to thank Mr Mahmood enough. God bless
Shehbaz Afzal
5/5 Stars
Very professional and dedicated service. Urfan Mahmood was considerate and understood the case immediately and sent a very smart and switched on brief to represent me.
Tobin Scott
5/5 Stars
I have used shafi solicitors for several cases over past 5yrs up as recent as the month of feb 2020. I reside in blackpool which is way out of manchester area and Urfan Mahmood, without fail is fast on response... lives up to his word and is there prompt and asap. I am a special case and am dealt with in a caring, considerate way and without feeling of being judged. Always feel secure and 100% there to cater to my specific needs for the sole purpose of benefits to me. I would highly recommend Urfan mahmood at Shafi and co to represent any case which needs handling in any serious criminal cases. I can honestly say twice in 3 years if Urfan wasnt in my corner giving me confidence i would of given up on many things in battles with law. Much apreciation to all staff at shafi and co.. thank you one and all
Riaz Ashraf
5/5 Stars
Brilliant service didn't have me waiting at police station sent a very clued up brief to handle my police interview and was brilliant urfan mahmood kept me up to date with all correspondence from police and even went out of his way to mither them multiple times good firm to have on board thanks for all your help
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Shafi Solicitors
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