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Enhance your Law Firm’s SEO with our Membership

If SEO is important to your law firm and you want to see higher search engine rankings, then having your firm’s offices listed on our legal directories will greatly help to improve your firm’s ‘citations’, which are extremely important for local SEO results. A ‘citation’ is a popular SEO term that is used within the online marketing industry, but they are really just references to a firm’s address, telephone number and website. So by listing your firm across our 11 legal directories (included with a membership subscription) this will strengthen your firm’s citations as each listing will include your firm’s address, telephone number and a link to your website.

Search engines such as Google validate the authenticity of a law firm by checking business listing details on respected legal directories. So when your firm’s offices are showing consistent information across the web this strengthens the trust that search engines like Google have towards your firm.

This trust then results in higher rankings for your law firm when people search online for a solicitor or for specific legal services.

Our legal directories also show in thousands of relevant online searches so being listed for the legal services you provide is really important for reaching these potential clients. If you are not listed on our legal directories then your firm cannot be found via individuals and businesses that visit our directories in search of a solicitor.

One minute to enhance your law firm’s SEO

Did you know that you only need to list your law firm’s offices on and our intelligent platform will then take these listings and automatically sync them across 11 legal directories. So you only need to add your firm on one website to have it listed on many!

Another benefit of this is that if you ever need to update a telephone number or address, you can just make the change on and our system will update all your listings that you have on our 11 legal directories.

So you really can enhance your law firm’s SEO in less than 1 minute. Which leaves you with more time to focus on running your firm.

How much does it cost to become a member and enhance your law firm’s SEO?

It is no secret that advertising and SEO for law firms is not cheap when done properly. Our membership though, is actually very affordable as we designed the platform with small to medium sized law firms in mind.

You can become a member and add your law firm to 11 legal directories from only £199. You can also manage your firm’s reviews using our platform as this is also included with the membership. This will allow you to easily gather reviews from your clients and display them across our directories as well as on your firm’s website using our free plugin.

Being listing on our 11 legal directories will not only improve your law firm’s SEO but it will also increase the number of enquires your firm receives as people searching for solicitors on our directories will be able to find you.

Can we use this service if we already have an SEO company managing our law firm’s SEO?

Yes. Many law firms that are listed on our legal directories already have their SEO managed by another company or they manage this in-house. A membership will provide enhancements to your SEO efforts as being listed on our 11 legal directories will greatly help. So you can continue with your SEO company as the services they provide are completely separate from our membership services.

Do you offer more advanced SEO services for law firms?

Yes. is owed and managed by LawClick Limited. We provide a wide variety of online marketing services for law firms based in the UK. You can view prices and details of our advanced SEO plans for law firms on the LawClick website.

What if we want to cancel our law firm’s membership?

There are no minimum term commitments. So if you cancel before your next billing date, then you will not be charged for the following month. We believe that this service provides so much value for money, that holding your firm to long contracts is really not necessary. From experience we know that most members will naturally want to stay with us because of the many benefits this service brings to a law firm’s advertising and online marketing efforts. If you do wish to cancel though, it is always nice to know that you have the freedom to do so.

What is included with a Membership?

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11 Legal Directories

With a Membership your law firm will have a featured listing on all of the 11 legal directories that are relevant to the legal services you provide.

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More Enquiries

As people search our legal directories to find solicitors in the UK, becoming a member will increase the number of enquires your law firm receives.

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SEO & Local Citations

Having your firm's address and contact details listed on respected legal directories will help with your firms SEO & Local Citations which are important for local SEO results.

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You can gather and display reviews from your clients directly on your own website. More reviews will also help your law firm to rank higher in our legal directories.

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