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Reasons why gathering reviews will result in an increase in enquiries for your law firm

With a membership you can easily gather reviews from your clients and display them for others to view. There are many reasons why gathering reviews from your clients will improve your law firm’s online presence but possibly the most important is that it will increase enquires.

The reasons why more positive reviews of your law firm will result in an increase enquires have been detailed below:

More people searching for solicitors and legal services will find you

We reward law firms that gather positive reviews by providing them with higher rankings in our legal directories. The reason for this is that we want individuals and businesses to find the best solicitors for their requirements.

If a law firm is able to gather positive reviews from their clients then it is a clear indicator that they are likely to offer the same excellent level of service to others. We strive to recommend the best solicitors to people that are searching our legal directories for such services. So lots of positive reviews will result in lots of recommendations of your law firm via our legal directories.

Our star ratings are visible in Google

When you add your offices to, we send Google specific details that include the review scores that your law firm has received from your clients. This means that when people search for your firm in Google they will see your firm’s profile from and this will also likely show your firm’s star ratings within the Google search results.

You have no doubt ‘Googled’ something in the past and have seen star ratings for websites or services directly within Google’s search results. This is the same for law firms that have a listing on, in that other people will see your star ratings in such searches.

You can display the reviews directly on your law firm’s website

Using, you can easily gather client reviews and display them directly on your law firm’s website. Simply add one of our plugins to your website (no coding knowledge required) and the reviews will be pulled through for your website visitors to view.

We also filter out any reviews that are less than 5 stars from being displayed on your firm’s website. We appreciate that no law firm would want to display less than their best reviews on their own website.

You can display your law firm’s Google reviews too

Our intelligent reviews system gathers reviews from your clients via our legal directories, as well as via your law firm’s website. However, it is also capable of integrating the positive reviews your law firm has already acquired via Google’s reviews.

We do not need any of your Google account usernames or passwords (you should never provide these to anyone outside of your firm) to pull in these reviews as we have an approved API with Google to allow us to pull in the reviews for any law firm within the UK. We can simply request this data via our system and Google provides these reviews to us, so that we can display them for you.

Our system will also filter out any low scoring Google reviews as we are aware that many law firms have received many fake negative reviews with 1 star ratings and we appreciate that nobody would want to display these. However, Please note that any law firms that have an obvious record of poor reviews across 1 or more review platforms will be rejected from being listed on our legal directories.

Fake review protection

It is common knowledge that any online business is at risk from fake, negative reviews as many law firms have unfortunately learned through having their review profiles damaged through such reviews on large platforms such as Google reviews, Facebook reviews and TrustPilot. It is not that these platforms are to blame but they do not have any means of filtering these fake reviews so anybody can submit a negative review for your firm even if they are not a client.

Fortunately there is a better way! members benefit from our ‘negative review shield system’, which requires reviewers to submit evidence that they were actually a client of your law firm before the review is approved if they are trying to submit a 1 star review.

So for our members, if anybody (including people that were never even a client to your law firm) tries to submit a 1 star review they will be asked to attach an invoice or similar evidence that they were actually a client. This information is then considered and checked by us for validation of the review before it is posted. Please note that you can still get a 1 star review for your firm but it is highly unlikely that it will come from anybody that was not a client of your law firm.

What is included with a Membership?

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11 Legal Directories

With a Membership your law firm will have a featured listing on all of the 11 legal directories that are relevant to the legal services you provide.

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More Enquiries

As people search our legal directories to find solicitors in the UK, becoming a member will increase the number of enquires your law firm receives.

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SEO & Local Citations

Having your firm's address and contact details listed on respected legal directories will help with your firms SEO & Local Citations which are important for local SEO results.

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You can gather and display reviews from your clients directly on your own website. More reviews will also help your law firm to rank higher in our legal directories.

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