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Most solicitors understand that obtaining reviews from their clients is important to help win the trust of potential new clients. It is obvious that if somebody sees lots of positive reviews for a law firm, they will be much more likely to put their trust in such a firm.

Did you know though, that obtaining reviews can actually help with your law firm’s SEO as well? Positive reviews can also help to put your firm in front of more people that are searching for the legal services your firm provides.

In this article we will cover the different ways that reviews can help you with the marketing of your law firm.

Reviews and SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the  practice of optimising your website so that it performs better in the search engines such as Google. Such practices include optimising a websites code, making a site mobile friendly, ensuring the correct meta tags are used and refining content to better serve the intended goals.

Most law firms understand that SEO is important and that online reviews are equally as important but it is often overlooked how reviews can provide a massive boost to your law firm’s SEO efforts.

The main reason why lots of positive reviews about your legal services will help with SEO is related to trust. In the same way that people trust a firm more because it has lots of positive reviews, search engines also ‘trust’ a firm more when such reviews can be detected and indexed into their complex algorithms that determine which solicitors rank at the top of search results and which ones do not.

So if Google is able to verify positive reviews for your law firm from a trusted source then this informs Google that your firm is ‘trustworthy’ and so is likely to deserve better positions in their search results. A law firm with a small number of reviews or lots of negative reviews will then naturally sink down below its competitors as the more ‘trustworthy’ firms in the eyes of Google rise to the top.

Where can I get these reviews for my law firm?

The reviews for your law firm will need to come from a third party platform as client testimonial pages created from copying and pasting text from your client communications will not help with SEO. Such testimonials have not been verified by a third party and so will not be trusted by search engines as being genuine reviews. People also do not trust such testimonials for the same reason as there is no actual evidence of such statements being genuine even if they are.

It is important to note though that many online review platforms are not considered as trusted sources or they do not contain the necessary information (code) that Google needs to be able to index them correctly.

So where can you get reviews for your law firm that meet the above requirements… right here! is not only a legal directory but is also a trusted reviews platform for solicitors. Our platform will allow your law firm to gather reviews from your clients and be verified as genuine reviews. These reviews will also contain the necessary information (code) that Google needs to be able to read and understand them.

You can also display the reviews directly on your law firm’s website using our plugins. For WordPress users you simply add the plugin and activate it and we will take care of the rest. So your firms reviews will be visible across our 11 legal directories as well as on your own website too.

What about my law firm’s Google reviews?

If you have already successfully gathered reviews for your law firm via Google then it is important to put these to good use too. Our platform can also integrate with Google’s reviews so that we can pull in your firms Google reviews and display these as well so that you get the best of both worlds. We have an approved Google API that allows us to set this up for firms in only a few clicks.

Reviews also improve your law firm’s positions in our legal directories

Did you know that the more positive reviews you gather for your law firm (via the higher your law firm will show in our 11 legal directories. So when people search for relevant legal services in your area, you can ensure your law firm will be found by more people by simply gathering more reviews.

Stars that show in the search engines

You have probably seen the little yellow stars when you search for products or services online using Google. These really can help to quickly inform people of trusted products or services. The good news is that our platform also supports these stars so that Google can show the little yellow stars for your law firm too. This is especially important if you want to display a strong review score for your firm when people search for your law firm by its name. People often perform these types of searches when looking for a firm’s contact details so demonstrating a strong review score at such an important moment is essential for maximising the effectiveness of your law firm’s marketing efforts.

Conclusion: Why law firms need reviews

From the above it is clear that there are many major benefits to be gained by a law firm that invests some of their time in gathering client reviews via a third party platform. These include:

  • Reviews help to win the trust of potential clients
  • Reviews can enhance your law firms SEO strategy
  • Reviews can help your law firm rank above other solicitors in legal directories
  • Reviews can be displayed in search engines showing the visible yellow stars that can also help to win the trust of potential clients
  • Reviews can be displayed across multiple legal directories (with a membership) helping your law firm to rank higher in these legal directories
  • Reviews can easily be displayed on your law firm’s website
  • Google reviews can also be integrated with your reviews so that you can gather reviews from multiple sources and display them all together

If you would like to start gathering more reviews for your law firm and would like to benefit from the above you might be interested in adding your law firm to as we also provide free technical support to all our members so that no technical or coding knowledge is required in order for your law firm to start gathering reviews.

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