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If you have not already started to gather reviews for your law firm, please read this article first on why your law firm needs reviews as this will explain why reviews are so important for your law firm’s marketing strategy.

If you have already read the above article then please read on to learn more about how you can get more reviews for your law firm.

An easy review submission process for your clients is essential

One of the most common issues we see with law firms that are trying to gather more reviews is that their clients often find the review submission complicated or they are not sure how to go about submitting a review for a firm. This results in far less reviews as if your clients find the process complicated or difficult they are far less likely to submit a review.

Almost all review platforms require your clients to go to the review website, create an account and go through a process that is not always straight forward in order to submit a review for your firm. This is not ideal as during this process the chance of actually getting a review from your client diminishes due to the frustrations that this lengthy process can cause.

To resolve this has developed a reviews system that allows law firms to easily gather their clients reviews directly from their firm’s website. This means that your clients will never even need to leave your website in order to submit a review. They simply click on a button, complete the review and submit it. We will then verify the review and publish it if it passes our verification process.

How can we add the client review form to our firm’s website?

The process for integrating reviews with your firm’s website could not be simpler as we provide plugins for this integration.

We also have a WordPress plugin that makes the process even easier as all you have to do is install the plugin and activate it and the process is complete. We also have alternative plugins for law firms that are not using WordPress which are also very easy to install on your site plus we offer free technical support to all law firms that have a membership.

The plugin will also allow you to display all of your firm’s 5 star reviews on your firm’s website. So it makes the process easy for displaying client reviews and gathering them too. We can also integrate your firm’s Google reviews as well if you wish to include these so that you can also display these.

Now it is time to request reviews from your clients

Once you have the plugin installed, it is time to request a review from your clients. Many firms make the mistake of trying to automate this process with an automated email but this is often not appreciated by people and certainly does not communicate a personal service. We would recommend instead that you email each client directly with a more personal email that they can relate to. This will greatly increase the chance of them submitting a review.

It is also worth noting that many automated emails often end up in the spam / junk email box. So this is another reason to avoid the automated email approach as if your clients do not receive the email then there is no chance of them submitting a review.

Conclusion of how to get more reviews for your law firm

Solicitors usually have to work quite hard to provide a legal service that meets the demands of their clients so taking an extra few minutes to compose a personal email for each client will greatly help to reap the rewards of this hard work by increasing the chances of receiving a positive review.

Ensuring that you have a review submission process that is as hassle free as possible for your clients is also essential if you want to maximise the number of reviews your law firm receives.

Your firm will also have to ensure that client satisfaction is at the top of the list of priorities as you will only be able to gather positive reviews from your clients if they are happy with the service. This is obviously the hardest part but client satisfaction is essential for any law firm that wishes to maintain a solid reputation.

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