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Law Firm Marketing

Tips and marketing strategies to help solicitors reach new clients.

  • How to get more reviews for your law firm

    If you have not already started to gather reviews for your law firm, please read this article first on why your law firm needs reviews as this will explain why reviews are so important for your law firm’s marketing strategy. If you have already read the above article then please read on to learn more […]

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  • Three ways to compete with the larger law firms

    There are a number of ways that small to medium sized law firms can compete with the larger law firms from a marketing perspective. In this article we will explore how smaller law firms can gain an advantage when competing for new clients. Law firms and their marketing budgets It is obvious that the larger […]

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  • How to market your legal services

    The most important factor to consider when developing a strategy for marketing your legal services, is to evaluate your legal services from the perspective of a potential client. Most law firms fail to really consider that their target audience is unlikely to have a background in law and so they make the mistake of using […]

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  • Why your law firm needs reviews

    Most solicitors understand that obtaining reviews from their clients is important to help win the trust of potential new clients. It is obvious that if somebody sees lots of positive reviews for a law firm, they will be much more likely to put their trust in such a firm. Did you know though, that obtaining […]

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  • Why the design of your law firm’s website matters for SEO

    It is probably obvious that every law firm should have an impressive website to impress their potential clients with, but it is often far less understood how the coding of your firm’s website will have a big impact on your SEO results. In this article we will explore the most important factors (from an SEO […]

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  • How to incorporate keywords into your law firm’s SEO strategy

    At the start of any SEO campaign it is very important that a reasonable amount of time is spent researching and considering which keywords your law firm should use. Within this article we shall explore: what keywords are, how to choose the right ones and how they should be incorporated into your law firm’s SEO […]

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  • What do people see when they Google your law firm?

    One of the most commonly overlooked areas of marketing for law firms is what people see when they do a Google search of a law firm. Searching for a law firm’s name in Google is something most people will do just before they choose a solicitor. If a person is searching for your law firm, […]

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  • How to generate more legal enquiries for your law firm

    There are many ways that you can help to generate more enquires for your law firm. Some of these approaches work better than others and some will require more time, effort and money. In this article we will consider the options and evaluate each one so that you can use this information to help make […]

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  • Why your law firm needs to be listed in legal directories

    Obtaining listings for your law firm in legal directories is essential for an effective law firm marketing strategy. Whilst there are many directories that cover all business sectors, legal directories are far more valuable as they focus purely on the legal sector. There are a number of reasons why legal directories are important for your […]

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  • Why your law firm needs backlinks and how to get them

    When it comes to ranking high in Google’s search results for legal services, there is one factor that is more powerful than any other for a law firm’s SEO strategy. You might think that it is the content on your firm’s website or how impressive your website is to look at but it is neither […]

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  • What are citations and why does your law firm need them?

    If you are serious about marketing for your law firm and you wish to be found by more people that are searching for legal services online, then you should invest some time in to learning about business citations. Business citations should form an essential part of your law firm’s local SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy. […]

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  • How to achieve higher Google results for your law firm

    It is no secret that achieving higher positions in Google’s search results for your law firm will usually result in more enquires. Many solicitors take some time to familiarise themselves with the basics of how this can be done but they miss the essential factors required for a successful outcome. In this article we will […]

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  • Local SEO for your law firm

    Local SEO (search engine optimisation) is a term used to describe the influencing factors and processes involved for ranking a business higher in search engines for searches relevant to a firm’s location. For example, a law firm based in London would probably want to be found when people Googled ‘solicitors in London‘ or they might […]

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