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Legal Directories

Obtaining listings for your law firm in legal directories is essential for an effective law firm marketing strategy. Whilst there are many directories that cover all business sectors, legal directories are far more valuable as they focus purely on the legal sector.

There are a number of reasons why legal directories are important for your firm’s marketing and these will be covered in detail within this article.

Legal directories generate enquires

Many individuals and businesses will use legal directories to find a solicitor. So if your law firm is not listed then there is no chance of your law firm being found by such people that are searching for legal services on these directories.

Being listed within legal directories also helps to win the trust of potential clients as reputable directories will check a firm’s address and contact information before adding a law firm to their directory. So this helps to show that such details have been checked and so are more likely to be accurate and genuine.

Legal directories enhance your firm’s local SEO

You have probably already heard of local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which basically focuses on enhancing your firm’s website so that it performs better in search engines such as Google for searches relevant to your firm’s location. For example, a law firm in London might optimise their website for searches related to ‘solicitors in London‘, so as to help their website show higher in Google’s results when people search for solicitors in the capital. Alternatively they might be even more specific and optimise their website for a specific area or town within London such as targeting searches for ‘solicitors in Edgware‘, which would then help their firm’s website show when people¬† search for solicitors in this precise location.

Legal directories can actually help with your law firm’s SEO as they naturally provide search engines with the address and contact information known in the SEO industry as citations. These citations help to inform search engines such as Google that a business has a genuine address and contact information. Search engines do this by comparing the business listings on different directories to see if they are consistent. If a business does have consistent listings with the same office address, telephone number and website url then it is much more likely that the business does operate from that address.

So having your law firm listed on multiple legal directories with the correct address and contact information helps to provide search engines with matching citations from multiple sites which then often results in better rankings for your law firm as search engines such as Google are able to confirm the address of your business from multiple sources which means that they are more likely to trust the business and thus reward it with better rankings in the search results.

Google also puts a huge amount of emphasis on relevance so having citations from highly relevant directories is more powerful. This is why legal directories are considered by many to be much more important for law firms over general directories that cover all types of business and not just the legal sector.

You can gather reviews from your clients enables law firms to easily obtain and display reviews from their clients. Gathering reviews for your law firm is an essential part of a marketing strategy for a variety of reasons so we have created a dedicated article on why your law firm needs reviews.

By becoming a member, your law firm will be given access to our easy to install plugin that will allow you to gather and display your clients reviews on your firm’s website. These reviews will also help to improve your firms positions in our legal directories as the more positive reviews your firm receives the higher your firm will show in our 11 legal directories.

Legal directories can improve your law firm’s online presence

When people want to find your firm’s website or contact details they will often search for your firm’s name using a search engine such as Google. It is very important that what people see about your law firm when they perform such searches is of a positive nature. Having the little yellow stars in these Google searches can also really help and so for this reason builds profile pages for each law firm that Google can use to show such stars in their results. So when people search for your firm they will probably see your website at the top and just below this your profile page will usually show which also includes the yellow stars helping to inform people that your firm is genuine and that others have left positive reviews for your legal services.

The online presence of a firm is usually overlooked by most law firms and yet it is one of the most important elements that must be considered for an effective marketing strategy. A good place to start is by doing a search of your law firms name in Google to see what comes up. The first page really wants to be filled with positive results so this is where a listing on can help.

Conclusion of why your law firm needs to be listed in legal directories

From the above we have explored the many benefits that legal directories can provide for your law firm. These benefits include:

  • More enquiries from people searching for legal services
  • Enhanced trust in your law firm from potential new clients
  • Enhanced local SEO for your law firm
  • The ability to easily gather reviews from your clients
  • The ability to easily display your firm’s reviews on your firm’s website
  • Enhanced online presence with star ratings about your law firm being shown in search engines such as Google

From the above we can see how important legal directories are for a law firm’s marketing strategy. These elements should play a fundamental part of your marketing strategy if you wish to reach as many new clients as possible and to build an online presence for your law firm that you can be proud of.